Layer up with our top hoodies for AW19!

Gothic, nerdy, cool and emo hoodies

It’s got to be our favourite time of the year. The sun no longer burns our pale skin, the nights are getting longer, and we can wear as many layers as we damn well please. It may be because they are minimal effort and super easy to wear, but hoodies are definitely one of our top 5 fashion trends.

We’ve rounded up the best hoodies to match the best season of the year. Snuggle up and battle the Autumn wind and Winter chills with our top 9 picks from our cosy yet cool collection…

With hundreds of Mens Hoodies and Ladies Hoodies there's somehthing for everyone.

  • 1. White Witch Ladies Black Oversized Hoodie

    Battle the cold without having to cast a warming hex or fire spell with this beautiful graphic hoodie. Radiating with magical elements and enchanting details, this oversized hoodie will keep you warm and maintain your gothic style.

  • 2. Gothic Pride Men's Grey Hoodie

    Combine your love for all things gothic with your pride in your community, with a little help from this awesome pullover hoodie! For anyone looking to represent LGBTQ and stay warm, this hoodie is an easy-peasy way to do just that. No need for a huge rainbow flag, just a simple gothic eye symbol is enough for this Queen.

  • 3. Psycho Penguin So Goth I'm Dead Ladies Black Oversized Hoodie

    Kitted out in an outfit dark enough to make any goth jealous, our misunderstood mate Psycho Penguin has now reached a new level of #goth. If you, too, often wonder if you’ve passed over to the realm of the dead due to your alternative lifestyle, this hoodie is for you.

  • 4. Psycho Penguin Just Not A People Person Men's Grey Hoodie

    Step one, put hood up. Step two, don’t make eye contact. Step three, avoid human interaction as much as possible. Psycho Penguin gets our anti-social ways, and this hoodie will guarantee no one comes near you (for fear of being bludgeoned by a nail studded baseball bat, we assume…)

  • 5. Unorthodox Collective Oriental Hunter Men's Black Full Zip Hoodie

    Inspired by Japanese artwork combined with tattoo art, this hoodie from the Unorthodox Collective’s Oriental range looks ferocious as f*ck, but will ensure you keep toasty and warm (you big softie, you!) Complete with graphics on the front and back, for an awesome look from any angle.

  • 6. Requiem Collective Enslaved Reaper Men's Black Smoke Hoodie

    Unleash the dark power of the Grim Reaper with this lethal design from Requiem Collective. Lit by the foreboding light of the full moon, this sinister character is reaching out to steal the souls of anyone dumb enough to enter your personal space!

  • 7. Gas Mask Skull Men's Black Hoodie

    Encased in a fiery vortex, eyes burning in a psychedelic spiral of amber light, this toxic design has one hell of a dark vibe that only the hardest of goths can pull off – and that’s you, right!? Don’t forget your gas mask before entering the toxic quarantine zone.

  • 8. Pastel Goth Bad Witch Club Ladies Lightweight Black Hoodie

    For any bad witch looking to show off her bewitching bad-ass status during the cooler months, this lightweight hooded top is just the trick. Ideal for layering over t-shirts and under cloaks and capes, this pastel themed design will ward off unwanted mortals and entice fellow sorceresses.

  • 9. Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight Ladies Storm Grey Hoodie

    More than just an advisory, this hoodie was made for those with fair skin and a hatred for summer! Let your friends and family know that you’d rather hang out in the darkness with the curtains closed than in the sunshine with them… Without saying a word!