Top 9 Gift ideas for bat lovers!

Inspiration for those who are batty about bats

Echo-location, leathery wings and adorable faces - what's not to love about bats?

If you're obsessed with the winged cuties, this spooky list of nocturnal goodies is sure to have you itching for moonrise! From quirky fashion to adorable home décor, there's something for everyone in this batty bundle, so let's take a sneaky peek…

  • 1. Nocturnal White Crop Top

    If, like your favourite animal, you prefer to dwell in the cool dark of the night hours, this stylish crop top is sure to make a great addition to your layered look! After all, the day time is fraught with perils, and nobody fancies a sunburn.

  • 2. Home Sweet Haunted Home Bats Mirrored Tin Sign

    Who says you have to stay in alone? If you prefer the company of vampire bats, spooky cats and lost spirits then this unique mirrored tin sign is sure to look great on the walls of your home - just watch out for troubled poltergeists.

  • 3. Cute Bat Wanna Hang? Ladies Short Pyjama Set

    Hang with your pals the flying foxes and idle the day away in style with this adorable PJ set! Great for anyone that favours comfort AND style, you'll be the talk of the cave in no time. Rock on!

  • 4. Alchemy Bat Brew Mug & Spoon Set

    Eye of newt, friend of bat… Summon forth a swarm of your winged pals and sip your cuppa in style with this gothic mug. Great for any coffee lover, this mug promises to infuse your morning brew break with some vampiric cheer!

  • 5. Black Bat Spell Candle Holder

    Chant the magic words, light a candle and call on the fearsome… fruit bat! Perfect for anyone with witchy tendencies, this cute bat candle holder makes a great addition to any spell altar or side table and is sure to bring some deliciously macabre ambience to any room.

  • 6. I Love Bats Black Inner 2-Tone Mug

    Get straight to the point and announce your love of bats to the world with this adorable mug! After all, who says bats can't be cute, cuddly and just a little bit kawaii?

  • 7. Bat Key Hanger

    A fearsome guardian, this vampire bat will protect your keys to the bitter end. A great accessory for any alt home, this key holder will have you organised in a jiffy - now that's a night-time miracle!

  • 8. Crazy Bat Lady Black Boxy Crop Top

    If you're the sort to put up a bat box in the garden then you may just qualify for a promotion to the rank of 'Crazy Bat Lady'! Great for anyone that takes their love of these nocturnal creatures to the next level, this cute crop top will have you befriending even the most problematic pipistrelles in no time.

  • 9. Creepy Things Mini Black Notebook

    Scrawl down your notes, messages and bat doodles in style with this mini notebook. A great gift for any night dweller, there's no better place to store your 'creepy things' - whether they be ravings of ghosts, ghouls and gremlins or spooktacular shopping lists.

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