Gifts to Celebrate the Bad-Ass Women in Your Life

Girl power gifts for proud feminists

Do you want the strong female in your life to know how bad-ass she is? Then you came to the right place. We have hand-picked a selection of incredible gifts for incredible girls. All you need to do is choose your favourite!

  • 1. Feminist Is My Second Favourite F-Word Mini Poster

    This excellent poster is the perfect gift for anyone who loves art, rainbows, feminism and swearing. And anyone who doesn't love those things isn't really worth buying a gift for anyway.

  • 2. This Witch Won't Burn Feminist Badge Pack

    For the feminist who likes to accessorise, these badges are equal parts super cute and super bad-ass. Plus, they're an absolute bargain at less than £2, so there's no reason not to get yourself a set too!

  • 3. Tokyo Spirit Feminist Black Tote Bag

    If there's one thing feminist's love, it's a slogan tote bag. And if you know any anime fans who are heading to a women's march any time soon, this is the ideal tote bag for them.

  • 4. The Office Feminist Pink Neon Mug

    This mug is so bright it will definitely make a statement when gifted to a colleague. Perfect for an office birthday, this bright pink neon mug will highlight any proud feminist.

  • 5. Feminist Cat Ladies White Razor Back T-Shirt

    If you know someone who is not only a true feminist, but also a proud cat lover, this t-shirt is basically the ideal gift. It's got a cool razor back design, and it goes perfectly with black jeans that are covered in cat hair.

  • 6. Disney Evil Queen Mug & Coaster Set

    Everyone knows that villains are the best parts of all Disney movies – and the Evil Witch from Snow White is the best of the best. Once a Queen, Always A Queen.

  • 7. Frida Cushion

    This super cute cushion takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo's iconic self-portraits. The simple illustration and bright colour palette make it a really unique gift for any Frida fan.

  • 8. What A Feminist Looks Like Patch

    This iron-on patch tells the world that whoever is wearing it is a big, scary feminist and damn proud of it. So, the world can just deal with it. It's also a gorgeous shade of pink!

  • 9. Up Yours Ladies Black T-Shirt Dress

    This dress is the perfect balance of cute, comfy, and sweary. It's an excellent outfit choice for any women who are sick of being told to smile more. Which is all of them!

  • 10. Bitch Craft Ladies Indigo Acid Wash Oversized Cropped T-Shirt

    Not every feminist in the world is blessed with magical powers, but we are all blessed with the ability to practice the fine art of Bitch Craft. Join the coven and treat a fellow feminist to this wicked tee.

  • 11. Punky Pins Witch Bows to No Man Enamel Pin Badge

    The perfect accessory to pair with our ‘Bitch Craft' T-shirt, this pin badge shows the world that you're a black magic babe, and you don't take any sh*t. Pin it to your jacket, your purse, your hex bag, or your voodoo doll. The choice is yours!

  • 12. I'm So Fucking Fabulous Mug

    Sometimes you just need a unicorn in a tutu to tell you that you're f*cking fabulous, and on those days – this is the mug that you want to drink your brew out of. You shouldn't even get this as a gift… just buy it for yourself! You deserve it.