Our Top Back to School Supplies 2019

Pencil cases, pens, notebooks, backpacks & more!

It's the most wonderful time of the year (for parents). Never fear, we're here to make things that little bit better with our great range of back to school goodies! From Potter heads to hydro-homies, we have you covered, so why not take advantage of our student discount and nab some killer deals this term?

Now Mums and Dads, over to you - we know what you're thinking – you're finally going to have the house to yourself again, ah bliss! Why not celebrate sweet freedom by stocking up on school essentials for your little gremlins and get crossing off that back to school checklist

  • 1. Panic! At The Social Event Burgundy Backpack

    Our panic isn't limited to just discos. If you're a little bit like us, you might find yourself in the corner of the room, desperately wanting to escape – that's fair. We're big believers in using your insecurities as strengths – so why not strengthen your awesome fashion sense with this stylish burgundy backpack? Perfect for carrying books, pencil cases and so much more.

  • 2. Harry Potter House Pride Set Of 6 Pencils

    Advertise your house pride with this fancy Harry Potter pencil set. Featuring a pencil for each house and two bonus pencils for Quidditch and the legendary School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you won't be running out of things to draw with any time soon. Perfect for little witches and wizards, this magical set will transport you to a classroom at Hogwarts in no time!

  • 3. I'm Not Listening Black Messenger Bag

    School is boring (sometimes), we get it. You just want to tune it all out... well now you can with the help of this goth messenger bag! Perfect for lugging about all those text books and the dreaded uni folders, this bag is a great addition to any student's arsenal! We would never suggest that you live by this totally relatable slogan at all times though – stay in school kids.

  • 4. Dead Inside Black Canvas Pencil Case

    Psst, this sunny pencil case isn't as cheerful as it looks. The best way to let everyone know just how you feel about your class (or you know, in general – do you need a hug?) is through your pencil case, everyone knows that. Featuring a very shiny little sun, this pencil case touts the phrase ‘dead inside', and comes complete with a very misleading rainbow.

  • 5. Handa Panda You Got This! Cream Notebook

    You got this! No really, you have. We believe in you, and you should too – if you need a little extra motivation, this sweet panda notebook has your back. Featuring Handa Panda, this kawaii design is perfect for all students, and comes complete with lined pages great for making notes (or passing notes, you little rebel).

  • 6. Set of 3 Cute Alpaca Erasers

    There are no mistakes... only happy accidents. Sometimes you do need to erase some stuff though (especially the rude drawings your friends so lovingly decorate your exercise books with). We got you! Introducing this sweet little set of alpaca erasers, sure to put a smile on your face.

  • 7. Hydrate Then Concentrate Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Drink more water! You really do learn better when you're hydrated (science says so!), but sometimes that's easier said than done. This handy little water bottle reminds you to hydrate and concentrate, so no more excuses. Bonus tip: you can impress your science teacher by calling it your H2O on the go – you're welcome.

  • 8. Normal People Scare Me Black Backpack

    Normal people… They're everywhere. Also, they're scary, what with all their friend groups and social gatherings and normal person stuff. Warn them away with this stylish black backpack, and carry your school supplies in true emo style!

  • 9. I Don't Hate School Pencil Case

    It's not that school is the worst… It's just there are about a million other things I'd rather be doing. Who wants homework, teachers and exams when you can make everyone laugh with your hilarious new pencil case?