How to stay warm in style this autumn 19

We've got comfy daywear sorted with our hoodies, beanies and more

With the hot (more like rainy, we're looking at you, UK weather) summer days quickly becoming a distant memory, it's time to start thinking about wrapping up warm for the oncoming chilly months - and don't you know it, we have a great collection of snuggly merch to help you out this season!

From PJ's to beanies, we've got all the toasty must-haves – so step up, grab a hot choccy and snag some stylish but oh-so-cosy apparel!

  • 1. Unorthodox Collective Oriental Scorpion Zip Hoodie

    Feeling too manly to admit that it's actually a wee bit chilly? This stylish Unorthodox Collective hoodie has you covered (literally!). Featuring a very fearsome scorpion design, this hoodie exudes the message 'I don't get cold, this hoodie just looks good' – now you can rock the hard-core look and feel snug as a bug, all at the same time. Awesome!

  • 2. White Witch Ladies Black Oversized Hoodie

    Sometimes a little magic isn't quite enough to keep the chill away, we get it. Perfect for all our witch friends, we have summoned this 100% cotton hoodie from the depths of our warehouse (don't try this at home, we're professional summoners, honest) – it's imbued with a little extra magic to keep you warm and comfy, you're welcome.

  • 3. We Three Queens Purple Christmas Jumper

    We are firm believers that it's never too early for Christmas… well, almost never. Especially when this chrimbo jumper happens to coincide with a certain drag race coming to the UK very soon (hype!). Featuring a very vibrant design perfect for anyone feeling glamorous this autumn season, this jumper is soft, comfortable and toasty. Now get out there and sleigh, oops, we mean slay!

  • 4. Deadpool Beanie

    Loud mouthed and (apparently) cold headed, this official Deadpool beanie is a great addition to any Marvel fan's wardrobe. Perfect for those cool autumn walks, this hat will keep the icy wind at bay, but we can't guarantee that it will give you the main man's super regeneration – so try and avoid losing any toes to frostbite!

  • 5. Psycho Penguin Cute But Psycho Pyjama Set

    A list of loungewear is never complete without Pyjamas, is it? Well, we've delivered! Feast your eyes upon this cute, if not a little scary psycho penguin set. Featuring everyone's favourite psychotic bird, this set comes in a nifty bag which is perfect for gifting. Nestle down and grab your knife, because nothing says snuggly quite like Psycho Penguin.

  • 6. Stranger Things Coffee and Contemplation Travel Mug

    Let's be real, coffee usually goes hand in hand with feeling cosy! Featuring one of our personal favourite characters from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, this official Jim Hopper mug is a great addition to any kitchen and a must-have for lovers of Stranger Things, coco, coffee or tea!