How to laugh in the face of anxiety

Funny stress relief gifts

Anxiety sucks – we all know it.

If your coping mechanism is a cheery sense of humour and epic sense of style, this helpful list is sure to help you strike the perfect balance between dark humour and colourful accessories.

  • 1. I Have Social Anxiety and I Want To Go Home Mini Tin Sign

    Home is where the heart is, and what better place to be? If you find yourself shunning any and all social situations, this colourful tin sign is sure to make a unique addition to your home décor.

  • 2. Runs On Anxiety Black Crop Top

    Fight your anxiety in style with this colourful crop top! You may be feeling anxious, but you’re sure to be rocking the rainbow look with this unique design. You got this!

  • 3. Let Me Just Overthink Literally Everything 2-Tone Mug

    If you have a penchant for overthinking (literally everything), then this sunny mug may just be the perfect morning cuppa break companion. Over-analysing may not be all sunshine and rainbows, but that doesn't mean your brew can't be.

  • 4. Social Anxiety Club Lilac Tote Bag

    Informational and cute, this tote bag is perfect for a day out. Featuring two cuddly clouds and a pastel rainbow, this bag is a great reminder that your social anxiety doesn't define you.

  • 5. Everything Is Great Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Everything is great… right? If you often find yourself fighting off existential dread, this notebook may be the perfect place to store your thoughts and memos. Take a deep breath, scribble down that frustration and release that pent up anxiety.

  • 6. Everything Is Sad Enamel Mug

    Some days there is just no way of controlling your emotions so we find the best way is to just let them all run free! This cute enamel mug will add a sprinkle of sunshine to your day even when you're feeling a little sad.

  • 7. Anxiety Juice Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Keep your body hydrated when your mind is struggling and ensure you take some time out for self-care with this rainbow themed 'Anxiety Juice' water bottle.

  • 8. Social Anxiety Intensifies Cream A5 Hard Cover Notebook

    Keep your thoughts in order with this adorable star notebook and allow yourself the time to understand your anxiety by scribbling down your inner thoughts when 'Social anxiety intensifies'.

  • 9. My Anxiety Gives Me Anxiety 2-Tone Mug

    Tackle the day head on with a morning brew from this bright 2-tone mug which will add a splash of humour to breakfast time. The perfect way to laugh in the face of your anxiety, this mug will help you take on the stress inducing events of your day.

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