Gift's to get the person who hates Valentine's Day

Dark and sarcastic gift ideas for V.Day

Ah February, cold, dark, miserable… and just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Valentine's Day is thrown into the mix! If your passion is channelled into less than fluffy feelings this February 14th, you're not alone – who needs all that icky love stuff anyway?

Whether you're forever alone or just ‘love your partner every day of the year', our awesome list of anti-valentines gifts has something for you!

  • 1. Deadly Detox Arsenic Enamel Mug

    If you're feeling a little ‘Romeo and Juliet' this Valentine's day, why not nab this delicately dangerous mug from the Deadly Detox collection? It may not really contain poison… but now you or your partner can live out your Shakespearean dream as you sip your morning cuppa – embrace your inner melodrama!

  • 2. Psycho Penguin I Broke Your Heart Ladies Premium White T-Shirt

    Calling all heart-breakers, this one is for you! If you don't need no man (but like to play on their heartstrings anyway), this gory shirt is the perfect way to crush your unfortunate Valentines feelings once and for all, Psycho Penguin style!

  • 3. I Like You I'll Kill You Last Patch

    Just because you happen to be someone's Valentine, doesn't mean you have to suppress your homicidal urges! All the roses and choccies in the world won't stop you – so it's only fair to give your date some forewarning, right?

  • 4. I Love You Blah Blah Anti-Valentines Small Tin Sign

    Maybe you don't HATE Valentine's Day – but you don't really care either – we got you! Express your utter nonchalance for the most loving day of the year with a cheeky tin sign. After all, you can't let on to your crush how you really feel - that would be lame.

  • 5. Alchemy Heart Of Black Roses Wall Decoration

    Roses are red… or are they? Turn the Valentine's Day tradition upside down and express your inner darkness with this stylish wall hanging, you strong independent Goth, you!

  • 6. Thinking Of You Ladies Black T-Shirt

    Who are you thinking of this February? From grotty exes to anonymous (and slightly creepy) Valentines suitors, this shirt is here to remind you that the best way to express your feelings is with a healthy bit of voodoo magic. Aww.

  • 7. Nope Heart Patch

    Get straight to the anti-valentines point with this minimalist patch! If ‘nope' isn't your go to Valentine's Day response, then you're probably doing something wrong.

  • 8. Psycho Penguin Meh Lilac Cushion

    If you're feeling apathetic this February, Psycho Penguin is here for you. If only there was a word to describe how little you care about matters of the heart… oh wait, there is! The mightiest of rejections, it's time to ‘meh' your way through Valentine's Day.

  • 9. Cupid Rhymes With Stupid Anti-Valentines Small Tin Sign

    Fight loving poems and sonnets with a rhyme of your own… Cupid rhymes with stupid! If you can't stand the idea of Valentines, proudly display this tin sign in your home (just don't throw it at anyone, tempting as that may be…).