Aliens Have Landed at Grindstore

Out of this world apparel & gifts with a sci-fi twist!

T-minus 10 seconds, are you ready for take-off?!! This is your chance to discover the galaxy and beyond, blasting through time and space for an out of this world experience.

If your curiosities can’t handle the excitement about the possibilities of life the other side of our atmosphere, don’t sweat it, we’ve got a star-spangled collection of super freaky alien apparel and rocketing gifts to bust your obsession.

Keep your feet planted right here on Earth while your mind takes a trip to a parallel universe. You won’t need the Hubble to take a look at some extra-terrestrial beings; these top 6 picks have just landed here at Grindstore for you to take aboard your spaceship!

  • 1. I Need Some Space Cosmic Alien Black Crop Top

    An hour or two for a relaxing bath kinda space, or get me to another universe asap kinda space? Haul yourself down to Area 51 and pray a UFO makes a landing for you to hop aboard. Don't be green with envy, get your human hands on this cosmic crop tee and your fellow species will be sure to give you your well needed space.

  • 2. We Are The Weirdos Mister Alien Mint Green Tote Bag

    You're not the only outsider in this universe; you're just on the wrong planet! If you've got a tote bag shaped anomaly in your sci-fi wardrobe, don't be forced into exile with this accessory on your shoulder. It's time the rest of the world woke up and smelt the alien goo, the weirdos are here in full force!

  • 3. Alien Ladies Tie-Dye T-Shirt

    If an abnormally wacky outfit is what you're looking for, this trippy and super psychedelic tee is bound to make you feel like you've been beamed up! Tie-dye galore and weirdly wonderful just like you, your dress sense will surpass that of the less intelligent human!

  • 4. Psychedelic Alien Men's Sub T-Shirt

    This asteroid of a t-shirt is bound to rock your world into the middle of next century! If you're more obsessed than disturbed by our fictional (or are they..?) extra-terrestrial friends, get your blaster pistol and make sure you PEW PEW this crazy tee into your basket!

  • 5. I Believe In Myself Cute Alien Cushion

    Throwing the myth and the fiction out into the void of space, this alien gal is proving they're real! Forgetting what the humans think (what do they know?!), you've got to have a little self believe even when the entire world is against you… Literally. The only cushion for believers!

  • 6. I'm Out UFO Patch

    Make yourself a new home planet far far away from this one - ain't got no time for humans anymore! Drift out beyond the gravitational pull of your bland wardrobe with this 'I'm Out' patch and claim your alien status!