9 Gifts for the Elder Emo in Your Life

Merch that shows it was never just a phase!

If you or someone close to you loves rock music with a heavy dose of emotional expression and your youth was spent enjoying an alternative lifestyle of music and fashion then check out these awesome gifts for the elder emo in your life.

  • 1. Skullduggery Hoodie - Emo Kid Black

    Grab yourself this Skullduggery Hoodie which screams that you're an emo and proud! Reach for the hair dye for that all important fringe streak, adopt the moody, always hooded approach to life and prepare to be transported back to your teen years as you listen to some deep, deep lyrics. Don't miss out on this excellent addition to your alternative wardrobe.

  • 2. My Chemical Romance (Three Cheers) Coffee Mug

    My Chemical Romance became the soundtrack to every emo's early life and Gerard Way's particular penchant for loquacious lyrics is ever present in MCR's 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'. Their second studio album is celebrated by this mug and now you can enjoy a cuppa while reminiscing with killer tunes such as 'Helena', 'The Ghost of You' and 'Thank You for the Venom'.

  • 3. Stay Weird Vinyl Sticker Set

    It's a truth universally acknowledged that us weirdos are the best; it's those normal people you want to watch out for! This epic vinyl sticker set is for the discerning person who just doesn't want to get mixed up with those normal folk. Let your inner weirdo shine through and decorate your laptop or notebook to match - you know you want to!

  • 4. Run & Fly Black And White Striped Unisex Skinny Jeans

    Perhaps nothing screams emo more than a set of classic black and white striped skinny jeans. You'll have missed that comforting feeling of peeling them off after a long day, so make a statement with these striking jeans from Run & Fly which are full of pure emo nostalgia.

  • 5. I'm Emo But In A Gerard Way Ladies Black T-Shirt

    If you're an emo with a fondness for puns, then have we got the t-shirt for you! Pay homage to the heart-throbiest of all emo musicians and declare to the world exactly how you identify. Those that decide to make this statement tee their own are sure to find the Gerard way, the best way!

  • 6. Normal People Scare Me Vinyl Sticker Set

    There are those that strive for normality and then there are the rest of us and honestly, the people that fall into the first category are scary. If you are a fan of avoiding people in all contexts, and are proud of the anti-social tag that comes with it, then why not decorate your laptop or notebook with this awesome vinyl sticker set and shout it from the rooftops?

  • 7. My Chemical Romance The Black Parade Black Bathrobe

    Feel part of the My Chemical Romance legacy with this bathrobe that'll give you vibes of being 'The Patient' from the rock bands iconic album, 'The Black Parade'. If you love angst, alternative music and being comfortable in equal measure, then this robe is ideal for snuggling up in at home.

  • 8. Run & Fly Striped Red and Black Long Sleeved T-Shirt

    Few colours are acceptable when you're an emo, but this red and black striped top from Run and Fly is an exception to the rule. Brighten up your alternative look (but not too much), without compromising on your love for all things black, and be the envy of those around you!

  • 9. I'm Emo But In A Mikey Way Latte Mug

    If your heart still lies in your emo 'phase' then prove it's always been a way of life with this rocking latte mug. Turn up the volume and rock out because sometimes the only way to get through life is the Mikey way, and that involves plenty of coffee from a mug such as this!

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